• Cascade -1st Place
  • Coincast- 2nd Place
  • Afib- 3rd Place
  • Trumpet Toasties
  • WiscWind
  • YiAn Medical



Qualcomm Innovation Competition

Develop new products or technologies—and marry those ideas with tangible, market-ready business plans in this unique competition. The UW-Madison Qualcomm Innovation Competition is based on an initiative called Venture Fest, where Qualcomm Inc. employees can take an innovation from its early stages to a full-fledged company. If you are a UW-Madison undergrad, master’s student or a pre-dissertation graduate student, you can compete in the UW-Madison Qualcomm Innovation Competition for over $30,000 in awards. The competition is made possible by a gift from Qualcomm Inc. of San Diego. As the largest fabless semiconductor producer in the world, Qualcomm sells more than a billion chips a year for the cellular industry.I2Egraphic